Cafe World Cook-A-Thon: Everything you need to know


Tony Moon has arrived in your Cafe World folks, and he comes with one of the largest cooking events we've ever seen in the game. The Cook-A-Thon will see you completing 100 different goals - yes, I said 100 - with goal or group of goals being given three day time limits. Each goal comes with a different reward, whether that be a new dish, spices, or perhaps even Cafe Cash and Super / Lightning Stoves, and there's also an added incentive if you can be one of the first 100 players across the entire game to complete the 100 goals. If you can do that, you'll receive a Tony Moon statue, which will give you all of the powers of the No Clean, No Spoil and Master Chef statues combined, forever.

First, though, you'll need to place your Eiffel Tower in your Cafe. This allows you to keep track of which of the 100 prizes you've won, and what you can win as you keep going. For the first five goals, you'll be able to unlock three dishes, so here's a guide on how to get started on this downright massive event.

Tony Arrives!

  • Ask for 6 Asia Stamps

  • Serve 30 Caramel Apples

  • Ask for 6 USA Stamps

Of course, you'll have to ask your friends to earn these stamps, while the Caramel Apples can be served right out of your Gift Box, or you can wait the two hours for your Caramel Apples to cook traditionally. Complete this first goal and you'll receive the Chicago Dog.

Time to Pack!

  • Ask for 7 South America Stamps

  • Master Chicago Dog to Level 1

  • Ask for 7 Philippines Stamps

Chicago Dog takes a full day to cook, so the second you're done with the goal above, you'll want to start cooking Chicago Dogs. Finishing this goal gives you a Random Spice and 500 Cafe Points.

Exciting Journey

  • Ask for 8 France Stamps

  • Master Chicago Dog to Level 2

  • Ask for 8 Europe Stamps

For finishing this goal, you'll receive the Persian Lime Pie recipe.

Going Far?

  • Ask for 8 England Stamps

  • Master Persian Lime Pie to Level 1

  • Ask for 8 Canada Stamps

Persian Lime Pie takes a full day to cook as well, so once you make it to the end of the third goal above, immediately switch to this dish on your stoves. Finishing this fourth goal gives you another Random Spice and 500 Cafe Points.

Up the River

  • Ask for 8 Australia Stamps

  • Master Persian Lime Pie to Level 2

  • Ask for 8 Africa Stamps

Finishing this goal gives you another new recipe: Sweet Corn Pancakes.

Again, this is just the first five goals in the massive 100-goal event, but it gives you a pretty good idea of how the rest of the goals will play out. You'll need to ask your friends for increasing amounts of stamps from various countries / continents, and then cook the new dishes that you'll unlock along the way. Keep your three-day time limits in mind, and constantly send out gift requests to friends, and if you're lucky, you might be able to find a rhythm in completing these goals. Just don't be surprised if Zynga adds even more goals at the end (read: they apparently are). Good luck!

[Via Cafe World Wiki]

What do you think of the Cook-A-Thon event in Cafe World? Are you excited to have so many rewards up for grabs across individual goals, or is this simply too much to ask of players? Sound off in the comments.