FarmVille Sneak Peek: Christmas-themed trees offer more signs of a fourth farm


If you wanted more proof (or at least more evidence) supporting the existence of a fourth farm in FarmVille - one that's themed in a Winter Wonderland / Christmas theme - here's a massive batch of unreleased trees (well, their mastery signs anyway) to give you something to think about. As we pointed out in our look at another large batch of unreleased, Winter / Christmas - themed crops, the last time we had this many items that were all unreleased, all at the same time, was around the time that we were about to see Lighthouse Cove launched in the game.

This newest batch of tree Mastery signs was spotted by the folks at FVNation, and while we don't have specific names for each of the trees, we can at least tell what they'll grow (for the most part) by simply looking at the signs. There's a Candy Cane pair of trees (likely one large and small), what looks like a Pink and Purple set of Sugar Plum or perhaps Ornament trees, a set of Christmas Cookie trees (with snowmen, gingerbread men and Christmas tree cookies growing on them), some Stocking trees, a pair of trees sporting Silver and Gold bells, some Golden Jingle Bell / Ornament Trees, and even a pair of trees that look to be made entirely out of star-shaped cookies!

Of course, these trees could technically all come out within the game's regular store, and perhaps some of them will. But, with the very slow, and very modest rollout of Winter Holiday items that we've already seen in the game's store, could this just be a further indication that the bulk of the items will come out on this new farm instead? After all, there's a new design to these Winter Crops market stalls, so if we are looking at a fourth farm, you'll need trees to grow there, right? Either way, we'll make sure to stay on top of things concerning the new, supposedly fourth farm in FarmVille, so keep checking back with us!

[Image Credit: FVNation]

What do you think of these Winter / Christmas themed trees? Will you splurge on any of them with Farm Cash, even if they were for your original farm, and not for a new farm as we expect? Sound off in the comments.