Adventure World Last Stand Expedition: Everything you need to know

To finish off your journey through the Mask of the Hunter feature in Adventure World, you'll finally be able to use the masks parts you've gathered in the new Last Stand expedition. As we told you previously, the Jungle Hunt expedition serves as the third part in this series, giving you a chance to claim the mouth of the mask. Now, let's put the pieces together and end this! You'll need 450 Supplies, along with two each of Food, Fuel and Water to access this Expedition, which you'll have a full six days to complete. You'll be able to bring in up to five of your friends for extra energy, and you'll need their help if you want to finish this one quickly. Let's take a look at what awaits you.

Appease the Beasts

  • Collect 3 Stone Slabs

  • Collect 3 Buckets of Mortar

  • Rebuild the Altar of the Hunter

  • Place the Mask of the Hunter on the Altar

Here, you're placed in a village, forced to climb up a mountain while being chased by animals. The altar itself is broken, with the villagers having placed the pieces of the altar in storehouses scattered around the map. The altar itself is as the very top of the map, where your in-game friends are waiting.

And Stay Out!

  • Use 3 Stink Bombs

  • Collect 12 Wood Piles

  • Ask friends for 18 Barbed Wire

  • Build 6 Barricades at the Village Gates

It seems every animal in the jungle is after you now, so you're asked to build barricades using the Wood Piles you'll find scattered around the map (they actually just look like single wood planks) and Barbed Wire collected from friends (individual gift requests) to create barricades around the village. You'll see the outlines of where these barricades should go, as seen below. As for the Stink Bombs, these are crafted back in your Zoey's Tent building on your Base Camp.

Blow the Bridges

  • Collect 6 Powder Kegs

  • Use 3 Powder Kegs on the Stone Bridges

  • Use 3 Plungers to Blow up the Bridges

Again, you're being chased by animals here, so if you can't manage to barricade yourself in time, and the animals have made their way in, you'll want to blow up the bridges so that you'll cut off one of their paths. These bridges are found over the water (obviously), so just look there if you're having trouble. As for the materials, you'll find Powder Kegs in storage buildings, and the plungers on the ground near the bridges that you're to blow up.

A Final Decision

  • Speak to both Trip and Zoey

Once you make it to the top of the mountain, you'll see the professor speaking to you. He'll tell you that he expected Trip and Zoey would fight over the mask, and it turns out he was right. You'll need to decide, but first, you must speak to your two teammates. At that point, you'll get to make the choice, which finishes off this Expedition. There doesn't appear to be any sort of game-changing ending, based on your choice, so choose which one you feel is best and then do it. If you're curious, you can always replay this Expedition and choose the other way at the end. It's up to you.

For finishing this Expedition, you'll have finished this Mask of the Hunter quest line, but I wouldn't be surprised if we saw Zoey come back for more in future quests. After all, she was sent to our game by Indiana Jones himself, so when he finally does show up, maybe we'll work with them both.

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What do you think of this finale to the Mask of the Hunter quest line? Have you already finished the previous three Expeditions in the Mask of the Hunter Expedition set, or are you still trying to claim the various pieces of the mask instead? Sound off in the comments.