Adventure World Jungle Hunt Expedition: Everything you need to know

It seems as though the folks at Zynga didn't expect players to finish the Temple of the Mask and Great Stampede Expeditions as quickly as they did in Adventure World, as parts three and four were nowhere to be found... until today, that is. Part three is called the Jungle Hunt, and like the other two in this series, you'll have six full days to complete it. You'll need to have 450 Supplies, along with two each of Food, Fuel and Water before you begin, and you'll also be able to bring in five friends with you for extra energy. Keep in mind that these Mask Expeditions are still pretty challenging, or can be incredibly time consuming if you're not prepared before going in / don't have a lot of active neighbors, but our guide will show you just what's expected of you before you spend all of those Supplies to enter.

Escape the Jungle!
  • Use 3 Jaguar Bait from your Gadget Inventory
  • Use your Whip to Knock Out 3 Monkey Kongs
  • Find the Mouth to the Mask of the Hunter

While you've fought off spiders and rams in the previous two Expeditions, this third one requires you to face off against a Jaguar, along with more Monkeys. You'll need to have a fully built "Zoey's Tent" back on your Base Camp in order to access this new Jaguar Bait gadget, but if you're fast (or, are comfortable wasting a lot of energy on fighting them), you can get a lot done while trying to gather the ingredients to craft them elsewhere in the game. As for the Monkeys, you'll find that early on, this map splits into two main paths, and then reconnects at a bridge just before you make it to the Mouth piece at the end. Two monkeys are found after a grapple point if you head to the right path, from your perspective (that is, towards the right side of your screen, not from your player's perspective).

The Prey of the Mask
  • Ask for 12 Bottles of Black Ink
  • Use Woolly Mammoth Bones to apply Black Ink
  • Use Sabre-Tooth Bones to apply Black Ink
  • User Serpent Bones to apply Black Ink

Here, you'll gather the Black Ink by posting a general news item on your wall asking for them. Make sure to look out for other friends asking for the ink, as you'll receive one for yourself by clicking on their posts. The Woolly Mammoth bones are at the very beginning of the map, before the path splits into two, while the Sabre-Tooth bones are on the right path, near the two Monkeys pictured above. Finally, the Serpent Bones are on the left path, right out in the open. If you're trying to finish the Expedition as quickly as possible, you can claim bottles of Black Ink by interacting with the desks that are found in this map's camp sites (by the bottles needed below).

Kitty Care
  • Collect 3 Milk
  • Use three Jaguar Cubs to Help Them

While the adult Jaguars are enraged by the presence of the mask, they've abandoned their cubs! If you don't help them, they'll surely parish, so you'll need to gather milk from crates scattered around the map, and then simply click on cubs to help them. One cub is towards the beginning of this entire map, so don't forget to backtrack and get him (if all else fails, just click on the "Show Me" button to be shown a cub).

When you finish this third Expedition in the Mask of the Hunter series, you will finally be able to move onto the finally of this feature. We'll make sure to bring you another guide for the final Expedition as soon as we can, but for now, check out some other Expeditions you can complete in the meantime in our guide below!

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What do you think of this third Mask of the Hunter Expedition? Did you already complete the first two and were anxiously awaiting the third, or are you still trying to gather the other two pieces of the mask? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!
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