Zombie Misfits on Facebook: Brain-bashing tips for beginners [Exclusive]

Zombie Misfits
Nexon threw social gamers for a loop recently with Zombie Misfits, a far cry from games like MapleStory (Adventures even) with its arcade-style tower-defense and gobs of gore. We imagine it's cartoon-style and apocalyptic theme serve to attract both seasoned social gamers and tower defense maestros. Regardless, both groups may need a pointer or two to tackle this decidedly different gameplay.

Luckily for you, Zombie Misfits Managing Producer and creative director Herb Yang has assembled a series of profiles, tips and tricks exclusively for you, the Games.com readers. This first edition deals with the basics zombie haters need to get started in their mission to save the innocent from the post-dead.

Chapter 1: Defenders

Upon entering the world of Zombie Misfits, players are initially equipped with two defenders: the Biker and the Trooper. Each defender has a specific set of skills to ward off and beat down the undead. Players gain new defenders as they unlock new areas. Here is a profile of each starting defender, including a few hints and tips from the producer.

The BikerThe Biker

The Biker is a melee defender who uses his bludgeon to beat the life, what little left there might be, out of zombies. This defender will engage an incoming zombie in combat, stopping it and attacking it until the zombie dies. When the Biker's "Road Rage" Charge Attack is triggered, the Biker spins himself into a cyclone of fury. In this state, his damage is increased by 50 percent, and while he'll no longer engages units, he'll deal damage to everything that he comes into contact with.

Producer Tips
Herb: While the Biker may seem like a basic ground-pounder, we made him very versatile so that he'll remain useful even after you've unlocked a bunch of advanced defenders. The Biker is critical for defending the level's Brick Walls against Hard Hats, who can ruin your defensive setup by opening up a short-cut for their zombie friends.

But players might overlook the Biker's ability to engage enemies. The Biker can hold up a tougher ground enemy for surrounding defenders, including other Bikers, to attack. Two Bikers, side by side, with the support of a few ranged Defenders above and below, will create a nice "No Zombie Crossing" zone. We've noted that players tend to use the Biker's Charge Attack against hordes of weaker zombies, which racks up a nice Kill Combo Bonus, but the Biker's special attack will also do a nice chunk of damage to a single tougher enemy.

A good strategy to down bosses and get that perfect five-star rating is to make sure you have a bunch of Bikers charged up for the end of the level. Defenders who are in the middle of performing their Charge Attacks are immune to attacks themselves, so make sure you fire off that Charge Attack before the Biker comes within the long-armed reach of Zomborilla.

The TrooperThe Trooper

The Trooper is a medium ranged defender that uses her trusty pistol to take down zombies. She makes up for her low attack damage with a high attack rate, making her a key defender against fast enemies with low health. When charged up, the Trooper unleashes her "Guns Blazing" Charge Attack that doubles her attack speed.

Producer Tips
Herb: As most tower defense aficionados know, it's often the small, fast creeps that are the most dangerous to your survivors. Bats, with their crazy, looping flight paths, can be tough to stop – especially when first encountered on a new map. Likewise, the shrieking zombie Toddlers will often blitz by your defenses before your Biker can get in a good swing.

A critical Defender upgrade against these two fast zombie types is the Trooper's Level three Upgrade. This upgrade transforms her into a ZWAT (Zombie Weapons And Tactics) officer with dual pistols, allowing her to attack two targets simultaneously. This effect carries over to the Trooper's "Guns Blazing" Charge Attack. I highly recommend that beginning players make this their first Defender upgrade – as hard as it may be to hold onto those first 12 cupcakes you earn.

More Defender Hints & Tricks

Herb: For those of you unsure about which Defenders to upgrade first, a good way to try out Defenders first is to get help from your friends. When you request help, your friends can send it in the form of a special Help Defender, which occupies the fifth slot in your Defender line up. These special Defenders cost you no energy to place, so they can be a huge help for starting out on harder levels.

Which Defender you get from your friend's help depends on which Defenders your friend has unlocked, as well as what upgrades your friend has applied to their roster. So if your friend has upgraded their Kung Fu Kid to Max Level five, there's a chance you'll receive a Level five Kung Fu Kid from that friend! Additionally, any stat bonuses from Mods that your friend has attached to his Defenders are also applied to the Help Defender you receive.
Zombie Misfits Dog
Secondly, players should stay tuned for some special defenders that will be available soon in the in-game Store, once the game officially launches. As a sneak preview, man's best friend joins the Misfits team to help take down the not-so-dearly departed.

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