Sims Social Turning Japanese 'oops' means 1,000 free Social Points for you

sims social turning japanese mission
sims social turning japanese mission

The Sims Social Turning Japanese quest, which just rolled out in the game, apparently had a similar problem to the Big Trouble in Littlehaven mission last week. Part 7 of this mission asks players to buy four decorative items from the new Tokyo items in the in-game store, but when you purchase them, they do not count toward completion of the quest. (Part 1 of the quest is pictured above).

The error seems to be fixed as of this writing, but the powers-that-be are giving away 1,000 Social Points (to claim your free points, click here) anyway, along with their humblest apologies. See the full apology below:

"At 12 a.m. GMT, the new quest "Turning Japanese" will be released.Players will notice that in part 7, we ask players to buy 4 decorative items from this week's new theme. Due to an unfortunate bug, items bought will not be counted towards the quest.

This will be fixed Friday morning GMT. In the meantime, we advise our players not to start this part of the quest until after the fix has been made.

We cannot express how sorry we are about this. Please accept these 1000 free Social Points as our way of saying sorry.

We will update you all as soon as the fix has been made.

Apologies again,

The Sims Social Team"

Aw shucks, that almost makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside (especially since I did not even start this mission when this bug was discovered).

>IMPORTANT INFO RE: NEW QUEST: Turning Japanese [Sims Social Official Forums]

Did you get to Part 7 of the Turning Japanese mission and discover the bug? Or were you not affected? Sound off in the comments. Add comment.