Pioneer Trail Thanksgiving Animal Collection: Collect feathers for six new animals

A new animal collection has launched in Pioneer Trail this week, similar in design to the Halloween Ghost Town collection, except with a Thanksgiving theme. Oh, and you won't need to use Horseshoes either. Before you jump around your room screaming with excitement, let me explain exactly how this new feature works. For the next 20 days, you'll have a chance to collect feathers, a limited time currency within the game, used to purchase only five of these animals.

To earn feathers, you'll be able to either purchase them in packages of eight for 24 Horseshoes or ask your friends to send them to you. You can find the feathers on the game's free gifts page, so feel free to send them out in bulk to your friends as well. As you collect feathers, you'll unlock the five different animals for purchase:

Pilgrim Sheep - 6 Feathers
Native Goose - 14 Feathers
Pilgrim Raccoon - 18 Feathers
Pilgrim Gopher - 26 Feathers
Native Squirrel - 32 Feathers

Once you've collected enough Feathers to purchase all of these animals, you'll unlock the Pardoned Turkey as a free reward. While the Pardoned Turkey is viewable within the game's market, it will be locked until you complete this overall collection. With the many meals to complete in the Gravy Train feature, you might already have your gift requests lined up for the next few days, but if you dedicate a few to sending our these Feathers, you'll likely receive an ample supply back - at least enough over a 20 day period to unlock all five animals. Good luck!

[Image Credit: Zynga]

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What do you think of this Thanksgiving Animal Collection in Pioneer Trail? Which of the six themed animals is your favorite? Sound off in the comments.