Zynga starts Pioneer Trail Player Appreciation Week for your troubles

Pioneer Trail bugs
Pioneer Trail bugs

It's been a bit rough-and-tumble in Pioneer Trail lately. (Really, it's been that way for Zynga on the whole.) With quest-breaking bugs and other issues plaguing the game for some time, players have become fed up with Pioneer Trail. And frankly, the game's numbers reflect that, according to AppData. Enter Player Appreciation Week, and enjoy the goodies.

Zynga announced the event on the Pioneer Trail forums. "We know it's been a little bit rough in the last week, and it took awhile to get everything back to normal," Zynga community manager Stumpgriner writes. "Now that we are there (for the most part) we really want to let you know how much we appreciate your patience, the enormous amount of bug reporting you did (which helped out a lot), and just general support."

With that Zynga has auto-completed all of the Goals for those affected by the recent bugs and glitches. And yes, all of the rewards should be found in your inventory. As "something a little extra," Zynga will give every player affected a free Crazy Cake--the item from the Bake Sale Goals that gives +1 max energy and +100 energy--and the Patriotic Highland Cow.

This, according to Zynga, is just for starters. (You might still be able to claim those rewards from the FrontierVille fan page.) Zynga is clearly concerned for the future of the game, as the developer has called for a Pioneer Trail Players Conference in its San Francisco headquarters. The main takeaway? Zynga isn't about to give about on the game just yet.

Have you reaped the rewards from the start of Player Appreciation Week? What else do you think needs to be done for Pioneer Trail to enjoy its former glory? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.