FarmVille iOS Update: Harvest Super Crops in a fresh landscape

FarmVille for iPhone
FarmVille for iPhone

In case you've already fell in love with FarmVille Express, remember that the original FarmVille for iOS devices is still kickin'. In fact, Zynga has pushed Version 2.4 to the App Store. This next update, according to Zynga, "has so many features in this new update, your Cows won't be able to stop Mooing!" Well, it sure has some interesting features, but we don't know about all that.

  • Support for Themes and Backgrounds!

  • Support for Super Crops!

  • Send and Accept more Gifts!

  • More Bug Fixes!

See? Well, the ability to harvest and breed Super Crops is pretty huge, we guess. And--finally--there are more Gifts to send (and we imagine that you can now send more at a time).

As for the themes and backgrounds, you might want to save your hard-earned Farm Cash for more ... useful items. But hey, Super Crops! And hey, it's Friday!

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