CityVille Shipping Upgrade Goals: Everything you need to know

As you go through the multi-step Pier Upgrade process in CityVille, which will allow you to expand the size and Goods storage capacity of your docks, you'll also be asked to complete a series of five themed goals, given to you by Captain Rusty. These goals offer limited edition items, as well Freighters and the like, so let's get started on a guide showing you exactly how to complete them.

Dock Star

  • Have a Level 2 Pier

  • Unlad from a Boat 10 Times

  • Unload from a Freighter Once

The Level 2 Pier is earned by completing the Pier upgrade process, which involves collecting 30 building materials with the help of friends. Make sure to check out our guide to Shipping Pier Upgrades to learn exactly what those items are. When you complete this goal, you'll receive the Harbor Master's Office building, a Community Building that allows for 4,000 citizens to live in your town. You'll need six staff members to finish its construction.

Sunken Treasure

  • Have 3 Piers

  • Have 2 Freighters

  • Have 10,000 Goods

By adding these additional Piers, you'll get closer to the 10,000 Goods storage capacity, as each one adds to that maximum storage. If you don't have that amount of storage already, this goal will likely be a bit time consuming, but once you finish it, you'll receive a Special Freighter, which offers 50% more Goods when it returns from Shipping Contracts.

Lonely Island

  • Collect from Natural History Museum 2 Times

  • Collect from Coffee Shop 5 Times

  • Ask for 8 Cell Phones

Cell Phones are earned through a wall post. You'll receive a Coffee Table for finishing this goal, which is a decorative item offering a 15% payout bonus.

Super Freighter!

  • Have a Level 3 Pier

  • Unload from a Freighter 3 Times

  • Unload from a Super Freighter Once

The Super Freighters cost even more than the regular Freighters, but luckily, you only need to have one of them for this goal. As for upgrading your Pier to Level 3, you'll need to collect the same building materials as before, but in larger quantities. If you finish this goal, you'll receive a Special Super Freighter, which gives 175% more Goods than traditionally received from the same Shipping Contract.

Bigger Fish to Fry

  • Have 20,000 Goods

  • Have 2 Level 3 Piers

  • Unload from a Special Super Freighter once

This will likely be the most time consuming goal of them all, as you'll need to complete both levels of Pier upgrades on two separate Piers, along with ensuring (either through these upgrades or by simply purchasing more Piers) that you can store 20,000 Goods at one time. If you can meet these hefty requirements, you'll receive the Harbor Master's Boat as your reward for this final goal. It gives a 4% payout bonus to nearby homes and businesses, and is strictly a decoration.

These goals are definitely some of the most time consuming and gift-request-specific we've seen released in quite some time. It doesn't look like they'll be leaving the game anytime soon, so feel free to take your time with completing them, or even put them off for a while, until you've finished more pressing things in your city.

[Goals 2-5 Via CityVille Wiki]

What do you think of these Shipping Upgrade goals? Do you use the Shipping / Pier feature a lot already, or are you one that sticks to farming instead? Sound off in the comments.