CityVille launches Buy 2 Get 1 free feature on Homes and Businesses

As a way to entice users to purchase more items for City Cash in CityVille, Zynga has launched a Buy 2 Get 1 free program within the game's store, offering you a chance to do just that - buy two of a particular item to receive a third of that same item for free. Of course, the only items listed under this program cost City Cash to start, so I hope you have plenty of that on hand to splurge!

There's only one business that has been given this treatment: The Intuition Technologies building, which costs 80 City Cash. That means that for 160 City Cash, you'll receive three of these buildings, rather than 240 City Cash, as is the normal price. The other items are homes, like the Gorilla Towers (104 City Cash each), Summer Sprawl (50 City Cash each) or Gardener's House (50 City Cash each). You can find the full selection of Buy 2 Get 1 items by heading into the game's market, clicking on the Specials tab and then clicking on "Special Offers" on the far right.

To be especially clear, you'll need to purchase two of the same item to receive a third of that same item. As of this writing, you won't be able to simply purchase two of these separate buildings and then choose a third - it's either all or nothing with this deal, so I hope there's at least one building here that you like enough to have at least three on you land. Keep in mind that some of these buildings are limited edition, so they won't be around forever. If you want to stock up, now's definitely the time. We'll make sure to let you know if other items are added to the Buy 2 Get 1 promotion in the future.

What do you think of this Buy 2 Get 1 free promotion? Will you purchase two of any of these items just to receive a third one, or is that far too expensive a prospect? Sound off in the comments.