Adventure World Sneak Peek: Treasure Caves and Rusty Keys coming soon

If Expeditions weren't already complicated enough in Adventure World, there will be a new element added to some of those Expeditions released in the future (or those already available), as Zynga has announced that Treasure Caves will be added to some of these maps. Like other caves that are sometimes found on maps, blocked by flowers or spider webs, these Treasure Caves will apparently be hidden, and also locked.

You'll need Rusty Keys to open them, and we'll apparently be able to earn these keys in four ways: tending to items in our Base Camps, visiting neighbors' Base Camps and completing actions there, requesting them from friends, or purchasing them with Adventure Cash.

The caves themselves are currently being built into numerous maps, including Jungle Run, Cave of Montezuma, Poacher Ploy, Great River, Mountain Chase, Cave of Doom and more. Since you can go back into Expeditions at any time (so long as you have the Supplies on hand to access them), you needn't worry about already completing these Expeditions. If you do wish to revisit these Expeditions for extra mastery points, be sure to click on the links above to be taken straight to our guides to completing each of them. We're not sure when these Treasure Caves and Rusty Keys will actually launch within Adventure World, but good luck finding them all once they do!

[Image Credit: Zynga]

Are you excited about this Treasure Cave feature? Will you replay old Expeditions just to open these caves, or will you wait for them to be added to new Expeditions? Sound off in the comments.
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