Adventure World Sneak Peek: Coffee Plant energy boosts coming soon


Note: This feature is unreleased as-of-this-writing, but should be launching any day. Here's a guide on what you'll find once the Coffee Plant launches in your game.

Earlier this week, we brought you a brief sneak peek concerning a new Base Camp-focused energy boost system that will be coming to Adventure World in the near future. Well, once this update rolls around to every users' Camp, we'll all have the ability to place a Coffee Plant on our Base Camps for use everyday. This Coffee Plant serves as a one-stop-shop of sorts, allowing you to earn six free energy everyday - that's one collection for six energy once every 24 hours, if we're being technical.

It looks like we'll need to build this plant using building materials (I know, "building" a plant doesn't make much sense to me either), so if you visit your friends and tend their already completed plants, you'll have a chance to receive these building materials for your own. If you both already have completed plants, these visits will result in bonus coins for you and a random chance at receiving free energy.

While six energy still likely won't be enough to guarantee success at any of your current tasks, you'll be able to ask your friends for help in earning even more energy from the plant. Every 24 hours, you will have the ability to send out a request to friends, asking them to join a crew of sorts, which boosts the amount of energy you'll receive from the Coffee Plant. If six of your friends join your crew within that 24 hour period, you'll receive another 12 energy the next time you check on the plant within the game. That gives you a potential to earn 18 extra energy each day you play the game.

Whether you want to ask friends to help you or not, the six daily energy will still be yours. If you have plenty of neighbors, however, feel free to continue asking your friends for help daily for more energy. Just keep in mind that you might need those friend requests later on, when asking for items in Expeditions or story-quests, so make sure you're willing to "waste" them on this potential for extra energy.

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

Is this Coffee Plant a solution to the energy crisis in Adventure World, a step in the right direction, or something that only compounds the situation in your eyes? Let us know in the comments.