Jobs In Retail: Cashiers -- Who's Hiring, What They Pay & More

cashier retail reviews hourly payLooking for jobs in retail? Want to try your hand as a cashier? We looked into some well-known retailers to find cashier jobs open right now and share with you what it's like to work there from current cashiers at these companies along with what you can expect to earn.

Check out these five companies hiring cashiers now...

WalMart Cashier

"Excellent job for a college student like myself. If I ever needed more or less hours, certain days off or a schedule change, management was always very supportive of me and worked with me." – WalMart Cashier (Lewisville, TX)

"you will have to work with a number of people all types so you will have to be good at good customer service a be able to work at a fast pace." – WalMart Cashier Associate (Chicago, IL)

Hourly Pay: $8.52

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Home Depot Cashier

"Flexible schedule, great for those working at HD for a second job" – Home Depot Cashier (location n/a)

"They make you work on weekends mandatory." –Home Depot Cashier (Fairfax, VA)

Hourly Pay: $9.37

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Lowes Cashier

"The company cares about its people and has almost monthly cookouts. They are usually fair in their dealings with employees and customers alike." – Lowes Head Cashier (Springfield, MO)

"Constant rotating shifts. Can be early 1 day and close next day. Raise are not based on merit. Small pay raise at same time for each anniversary." – Lowes Cashier II (Chandler, AZ)

Hourly Pay: $9.42

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Wegmans Cashier

"Wegmans is a great company in itself to work for. They care about their employees- always giving coupons for things to keep you living a healthy lifestyle. Things like running shoes, healthy foods, etc." – Wegmans Cashier (State College, PA)

"Benefits don't kick in until a year after employment. Have to be able to work during most holidays as Wegmans is open 364 days of the year. Stand all day and only get a 10 min break every 4 hours." – Wegmans Cashier (Princeton, NJ)

Hourly Pay: $8.73

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Fresh Market Cashier

"People look after everyone, nice people good pay, OK hours" – Fresh Market Cashier (Huntsville, AL)

"No communication. I subscribed to customers email just to get information." – Fresh Market Cashier (Greensboro, NC)

Hourly Pay: $8.13

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