Google+ Games sidebar rips another note from Facebook's playbook

Google+ GamesImitation is the finest form of flattery, but this is just getting ridiculous. Google has updated the home page of its Google+ social network with a sidebar that allows users to jump into the games they've played recently. In other words, Google+ has ripped Facebook once again. (But don't think you're off the hook either, Facebook.) Granted, this is a fundamental change.

But that still doesn't explain why, after months of Google+ Games existing, that these incremental changes are introduced to the platform. Of course, it's not as if Facebook had its "Apps" sidebar trademarked or patented, but these updates only serve to make it looks as if Google+ biting off of its number one competitor chunk by chunk. The comparisons are simply unavoidable.

However, the Google+ Games sidebar does have a one-up over its Facebook counterpart: You can actually remove it. We do have to admire Google+ for how it much it allows users to change about what's displayed. That said, getting the Games sidebar back after removing it--aside from those fleeting moments in which you can click "Undo"--is currently unknown. Commenters are also clamoring for more games, which is something Google is taking very seriously ... almost too seriously.
Google+ Games sidebar
As Google continues to rip pages from Facebooks' playbook (and Facebook does the same), it'll be interesting to see how the company takes advantage of its unique position. Google has the chance to change how a social games platform is done. But not if it continues to entertain this slap fight with the gorilla.

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