FarmVille Winter Holiday Items: Reindeer Horse and Eggnog Fountain


Continuing in the extremely slow rollout of Winter Holiday items in FarmVille are two new items that have been released in the store this week. One is an animal, that happens to offer a foal, while another is a decoration that you may already have on your farm.

First things first, the Reindeer Horse is available from the store for 26 Farm Cash. That's a hefty price, but I must admit that this is one of the cutest horses I've ever seen released (then again, anything involving Christmas puts a smile on my face). If you purchase this Reindeer Horse, you'll have a chance to breed it for the Reindeer Foal either in your Horse Stable or Horse Paddock. Either way, you'll gain 2,600 experience points for purchasing this adult to begin with.

The other item is the Eggnog Fountain, which is priced at 15 Farm Cash. It was originally released back in the Winter Holiday event last year, so if you've yet to decorate your Homestead for Christmas this year, make sure you don't have one (or more) lying around in storage, so that you don't accidentally waste Farm Cash that could be better off spent on other things! Like the Reindeer Horse!

Both of these items will be available in the store for the next two weeks, and we'll make sure to bring you even more coverage on the game's further Winter Holiday items as they're released.

Did you already purchase either of these items for your farm(s), or did you have an Eggnog Fountain in storage form last year? Let us know in the comments.