Zynga launches new fan appreciation program, are you a Z.I.P.?

ZIP log-in
ZIP log-in

Zynga either really loves its players or really, really doesn't want them to leave. (We'd go with a bit of both.) According to Mafia Wars Loot Lady, the creator of FarmVille has started yet another fan appreciation program: the Z.I.P., or Zynga Important Player, Program. (Remember the Platinum Purchasers Program?) If you were one of the lucky few selected to be a Z.I.P., then you've already received an email inviting you to the club.

The program grants only the most dedicated of Zynga fans with "exclusive Zynga goodies, limited edition items for your favorite games, and best of all, the chance to play new games early. Before your friends. Before your family. Before anyone," the introductory email reads. According to Mafia Wars Loot Lady, the first game players will score early access to is CastleVille.

Z.I.P. members will receive a special code in the email that they must use to gain access to the program, which is attached to the email address the invitation was sent to. Our guess is that this program is to reward players who have stuck with Zynga for a long while now, and more importantly, to keep them coming back (and, we imagine, putting up the cash).

Don't feel too bummed about not being included, because we don't even have this early of access. Besides, we have a full preview of CastleVille that you can check out right here. And try to remind yourself that you probably weren't chosen because you have better things to do than play Zynga's games incessantly. Sorry, that was kind of mean--we're just bitter.

Did you get invited by Zynga to be a Z.I.P.? What do you think of programs like this? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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