With new 'Social' update, Xbox.com wants you to play more with friends

XboxSay what you will about Facebook games, but you have them to thank for nifty stuff like this. Microsoft has announced incoming changes to Xbox.com that will reflect the upcoming Xbox 360 Dashboard update. Namely, Microsoft touts "Social", the new version of "My Xbox" that places a major focus on what's new with your friends, rather than what's new with your Xbox.

The new Social section of the website should launch within a few days, and will be the first place players can find the previously-teased Beacons feature. This allows players to place "Beacons" on the games that they wish to play with others. Basically, Beacons are a way of saying, "Hey, I really want to play this game with you," but to all of your Xbox Live friends at once. Players can have up to three Beacons active at a time, and can attach custom messages to them.

The new Social page will serve as the new homepage of Xbox.com for those already logged-in to the service. Taking on the Microsoft-coined "Metro" design found on the new Windows Phone (and soon the new Xbox Dashboard), the Social page features all the most important updates to the Xbox universe up top in compact boxes. Down below, however, is where Xbox.com begins to look a lot like the games you play on Facebook.
Xbox.com Social
The rest of the Social page is dedicated to what your friends are up to on their Xbox 360 consoles from what games they've played recently to what games they're playing right now. (It appears to be broken down by the games you own.) Players will be able to send messages to one another, as well as check out what Beacons they've posted. Xbox.com is beginning to look a lot like Facebook, no?

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