The Sims Social is turning Japanese, and has the pictures to prove it

The Sims Social Japan Theme
The Sims Social Japan Theme

Could a few of the Playfish team be closet otaku? Based on the recent items released in The Sims Social, it certainly looks like it. It's Japan week in EA's flagship Facebook game, and the developer went all out to honor Japanese traditions both young and old. We're talking everything from tributes to classic Japanese architecture and interior design to stuff you'd find only in Tokyo.

Well, more specifically, Akihabra. Playfish has considered everything from cheesy anime posters to giant dance arcade machines and clothes fit for a harajuku girl. In one particular scene sent our way by EA, a boy dances furiously on what's clearly an homage to the Dance Dance Revolution arcade game. Of course, the barefoot nerd is surrounded by statues of Japanese monsters pillows made to look like rice cakes.


Another scene shows a more classic version of Japanese culture, with a woman dressed in a kimono painting on an easel, surrounded by futon-style furniture, a giant tanooki statue and privacy walls with cherry blossoms drawn on them. And how could we forget about the Maneki Neko? Many of the new, more interesting items go at least for Social Points, so start socializing. In the meantime, check out the gallery above for some ideas for how to turn your house into an anime fan's dream.

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