Pioneer Trail Thanksgiving Feast: Everything you need to know

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, the first major Facebook game to jump head-first into Thanksgiving is Pioneer Trail, which has received a massive Thanksgiving Feast feature this week. You must be at least level 15 to access this goal set, but it's about so much more than just goals. As we've come to learn first-hand (in-game, that is), life can be pretty hard out there on the frontier, and some of the game's virtual characters are in a spot of trouble this month. You'll be asked to start packing up a Gravy Train full of dinners for the different characters on your Homestead, so that they can eat hearty this Thanksgiving along with the rest of us.

The Gravy Train will be parked along the right-hand side of your Homestead, where so many other items have been placed. This gives you a standard location to interact with this feature, without having to take up room on your own Homestead proper. You'll be able to finish five goals in this feature, with those goals being found with the rest in the left-hand menu on your screen. As for the Gravy Train itself, this is used to prepare the meals that you'll actually serve to your friends. Here's a complete guide to these goals, which we expect to be just part one of the game's ultimate Thanksgiving them (if Halloween in Pioneer Trail was any indication).

Hank and Fanny: Thanks fer Givin'

  • Harvest 20 Corn

  • Harvest 20 Peas

  • Pack Hank and Fanny's Thanksgiving Meal

While the Corn and Pea requirements are fairly standard, allowing you to simply plant and harvest the crops as you would under normal circumstances, the cooking of each character's meal is where this feature gets its meat. For Fanny and Hank, for instance, you'll need to have seven Gravy Boats, Corn Chowder, Cajun Peas and six Dinner Plates. These items are earned either by crafting them inside the Gravy Train, or by asking your friends to send them to you directly. We'll make sure to bring you a detailed look at how to make each particular dish in each character's meal just as soon as we can.Here's a complete guide to each individual meal, the dishes within those meals, and how to craft them.

For finishing this first care package, you'll receive a Leaf Angel, 400 XP and 400 coins.

The McBaggins: Help the McBaggins Family

  • Harvest 30 Potatoes

  • Clear 30 Grass

  • Send the McBaggin's Care Package

Potatoes take four hours to grow, and it looks like you'll need to cut this grass on your own Homestead, as we weren't specifically told it could be on a neighbor's Homestead as well. For finishing this goal, you'll receive the Ripe Pumpkin, 500 XP and 500 coins.

McDinkle: McDinkles Debacle

  • Harvest 30 Wheat

  • Harvest 20 Pumpkins

  • Send the McDinkle's Care Package

Wheat takes a full 24 hours to grow, while Pumpkins take one hour. Remember, you can use boosts on either one to speed up the process. Finishing this third goal gives you five Sweet Potato Seeds, 500 XP and 500 coins.

Burton: Spread the Cheer

  • Harvest 30 Wheat

  • Chop Trees 20 Times

  • Send the Burton's Care Package

Again, Wheat takes a full day to grow (or less, depending on how many boosts you still have available to speed this up), while you can simply chop into trees 20 times, rather than chopping 20 full trees completely down. That being the case, if you don't have trees waiting to be chopped down on your Homestead, feel free to purchase some saplings from the store and immediately chop them down to reach this 20 chop requirement. Doing so gives you a Large Potato, 500 XP and 500 coins as a reward for this entire goal.

Laughing Bear: Laughing Bear Family Surprise

  • Harvest 40 Pumpkins

  • Tend 20 Adult Cows

  • Send the Laughing Bear Family Care Package

As we said above, the Pumpkins take just one hour to grow, so make sure you have enough energy available to come back and tend them before they wither. For finishing this final goal, you'll receive a Gravy Train that you can keep long after this goal series (and Thanksgiving itself) ends in the game, along with 500 additional XP and coins.

As you complete these goals, you'll unlock three items for purchase in the game's store: Pilgrim Turkey (50 Horseshoes), the Prize Turkey (24 Horseshoes) and the Sweet Potato crop (171 coins for each square). This Sweet Potato crop comes with a new collection offering you a Sweet Potato Boost when turned in, rounding out the entire feature.

Again, I would personally be incredibly shocked if this was the only Thanksgiving-themed event that takes place in Pioneer Trail this year, and if my prediction for more work comes true, we'll make sure to bring you a complete guide to whatever that may be just as soon as we can. Happy holidays!

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Have you started working on these Gravy Train goals and care packages in Pioneer Trail? What do you think of these goals' requirements? Sound off in the comments.