Winter is coming, and so is another Game of Thrones Facebook game

Ned Stark
Ned Stark

Since HBO's second season of Game of Thrones won't hit until April 2012, our guess is that it'll hit long after that nasty winter. USA Today reports that another social game based on the acclaimed novel series turned hit TV series is in the works already. Of course, that's along with two more games under development, enjoying close involvement with the property.

If you remember, a Facebook advergame surrounding George R. R. Martin's work launched earlier this year, Game of Thrones: Battle for the Iron Throne. (And just in time for the HBO show's debut ... how convenient.) While we dug it--for an advergame--the game has since been shut down.

The game was pretty impressive considering its sole purpose was to generate hype for the then-upcoming fantasy drama. However, we can see why the game was canned: Chatter about Game of Thrones has been at a minimum since for awhile. Hopefully whatever developer is currently working with HBO and Martin gets the chance to create a Facebook game that's longer lasting than its predecessor. USA Today briefly described the game as "think FarmVille comes to Westeros." If that's the case, then we'll pass on the social Iron Throne, thanks.

[Via PC Gamer]

Are you a fan of A Game of Thrones? What did you think of the first Facebook game based on the series, and what would you want from this second crack at it? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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