Cafe World Food Showdown: Everything you need to know

Similar to the Cake vs Pie event that took place in Cafe World way back in Spring of 2010, a new Food Showdown feature has launched in the game this week, pitting different foods against one another for supremacy. This feature is much more social, however, and tailored specifically to hand out rewards.

Once every 24 hours, a new poll will be launched within the game, asking you to choose between two themed, or at least somehow related items. You might be asked to choose between apples and oranges, or bacon and sausage, for instance. Our example poll is a bit more specific, asking you to choose your favorite between a Cuban Sandwich or a Philly Cheesesteak. Don't worry, Barry - the game show host character - will be on hand to guide you through the voting process.

Unfortunately, it's not as simple as just clicking on a vote button to cast yours, however, as votes are handled socially. Instead, you'll be asked to share a post on your news feed, that allows friends who click on it to vote instead. In this way, you'll need to have at least one active neighbor (whose wall posts you can view) that has posted these voting options every day for you to actually participate.

These posts have a large Vote button for you to click, taking you to a page like that seen below, where you can easily choose your favorite from the two possible choices. Voting then launches you into Cafe World proper, by loading the game for you to play.

Whenever you vote on a poll (you can vote on a maximum of three friends' posts per day), you'll earn a point, and you'll also earn points as friends vote on your own post. The more points you earn, the better your chance to win prizes. Once each day's poll has been closed, the votes will be counted, you'll be told which option was the winner, and whatever prizes you're eligible for that day will be awarded.

Unfortunately, since this feature is so new, we haven't been able to round up a list of all of the prizes you can win from this feature, but we'll make sure to update you when we know more. For now, I guess it doesn't hurt to start voting on your friends' polls, so why not look at your most active friends' walls and see if they have one available?

What do you think of this Food Showdown feature in Cafe World? Sound off in the comments.