Backyard Monsters creeps up on Yahoo! Games through Viximo

Backyard Monsters
Backyard Monsters

Who knows, maybe there are as many hardcore gamers on Yahoo! Games are there apparently are on Facebook. Viximo, a company that works with social game developers to get them onto new platforms, announced that Kixeye's Backyard Monsters is now available on Yahoo! Games. Backyard Monsters pits players against one another in all-out warfare with various monsters.

The game was Kixeye's first "hardcore" strategy game on Facebook, and has since become its most popular with 3 million monthly players and 760,000 daily players, according to AppData. Backyard Monsters allows players to create their own home base to defend from other players using numerous turrets and laser weapons against encroaching monsters. Of course, players can then retaliate with baddies of their own for resources and general bragging rights.

Backyard Monsters is far from the first Facebook game to make the leap to Yahoo! Games. A number of Zynga games, including Mafia Wars and FishVille, have taken the plunge along with EA's social version of Scrabble. While it makes sense for developers to expand beyond Facebook, we can't help but wonder how Yahoo! Games stacks up against Facebook games in terms of players.

Since its flagship game, Kixeye has focused entirely on strategy games for Facebook and other networks. Most recently, the company released War Commander, a strategy game with strong similarities to the Command & Conquer PC game series. And, considering Kixeye CEO Will Harbin thinks most social games suck, we're sure more "hardcore" games are in the oven.

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