Adult Swim's FarmVille parody, Hemp Tycoon, crops up on Facebook

hemp tycoon
hemp tycoon

Adult Swim has been busy taking its popular games and putting them on Facebook. The latest to make the jump is the FarmVille parody Hemp Tycoon, where -- you guessed it -- you grow hemp, sell it and then use your earnings to build up your business.

The original version of the game came out sometime last year, but it has now been updated with a new questing system as well as more seeds, grow locations, decorations, boosts and fertilizers. Oh yeah, and you can bug your Facebook friends to send you fertilizer, decorations and other in-game items as well.

Hemp Tycoon arrives on Facebook today and dares to go where FarmVille never will (but games like Pot Farm and Weeds have -- who knew pot farming would be an overcrowded Facebook game genre?)

> Hemp Tycoon on Facebook

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