14,000 Friends Help Save Man From BofA Foreclosure

Banks are poised to repossess approximately 800,000 homes this year, but with the help of an online petition and about 14,000 new friends, Southern California man Brendon Mendoza is avoiding the same fate.

Mendoza challenged Bank of America to save his home in a petition on Change.org about two months ago. And, since it gathered over 14,000 signatures from across the country, Bank of America called Mendoza on Friday to relay that his foreclosure has been temporarily halted.

Mendoza told The Huffington Post, "Since I've been contacted by Bank of America, I am at a loss for words. I really wasn't sure if [the petition] was going to work. It was really moving to have so many people side with me." Mendoza added, "I think the banks are finally listening to the people."

In a press release, Change.org reports that Mendoza's campaign is one of almost three dozen anti-foreclosure campaigns on the website. Other campaign successes similar to Mendoza's include the nonprofit New Bottom Line halting a foreclosure on a 71-year-old cancer survivor and a Seattle homeowner, Vera Johnson, halting a foreclosure by Bank of America on her home and business.

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