Forget the Black Friday rush, give the gift of Zynga stock [Report]

Black Friday
Black Friday

The ever-shifting Zynga initial public offering has changed its projected date once again, according to a Bloomberg report. Now, the FarmVille maker is looking past Thanksgiving for its $1 billion IPO, two anonymous sources said. Just two weeks ago, it was reported that the company would go public before Thanksgiving through the Nasdaq under the symbol "ZNGA."

Since Zynga filed to go public earlier this July, the company has repeatedly altered its filing in response to demands by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Most recently, it was revealed that 6.7 million Zynga gamers pay up for in-game goods, which is up from 5.1 million in the previous year. And while revenue doubled to $829.9 million, profits continue to drop another 54 percent in the third financial quarter year-over-year.

Granted, that can be chalked up to increased costs in research and development. (Come one, did you see the litany of games released and announced this year alone?) Should the IPO go through this year, it could very well set Zynga ahead of traditional gaming companies like EA--now a direct competitor with The Sims Social--and perhaps even the mighty Activision Blizzard.

With that kind of pressure, we can kind of see why the big red dog is taking its sweet time. Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like some potentially valuable stock, huh? And here you wanted an iPad. (Alright, we'll admit it: An iPad is way cooler.)

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