Wonder Cruise on Facebook: Build up your ship to become stinkin' rich

wonder cruise on facebook

Behold -- a brand new trailer for Wonder Cruise, Nexon's new cruise ship building game on Facebook. The game was previously open for limited testing and will now officially launch tomorrow, November 9.

The trailer highlights how you'll take your ship from dinghy to full-fledged luxury liner by adding kooky attractions like igloos, volcanoes and booze vendors. Then, come back regularly to harvest these items for virtual cash, which can then be used to buy more attractions, et al. Ya know, your typical Facebook game.

On that note, the best part of this video is the catchy theme song, with such lyrical gems as "be the captain who makes it happen, customize your cruise" and "bring your friends on a boat that your dreams keep afloat... Wonder Cruise!"
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