Recent The Sims Social changes will reel in the XP and Simoleons


Looking on the bright side of life shows that things are on the up and up for The Sims Social players. Well, the ones that have opted to stick around for the moment, at least. EA and Playfish have made a few major changes to the game that the duo hope will keep players around, considering they'll help Sims fans climb the social ladder all the more quickly.

First, Playfish made it so players now earn XP by simply interacting with their friends asynchronously. This is designed to give you an extra incentive, aside from Social Points, to visit your friends on a regular basis. The second change is a simple increase in the rewards received from growing and harvesting crops. In other words, Playfish wants its players to return to The Sims Social more often. Finally, Sims now earn double Simoleons while inspired.

That last change will (at least for Playfish) hopefully motivate players to hang out in the game for longer periods of time, as reaching "inspired" status takes time within the game. The Sims Social busted out of the gate this summer, threatening the number one Facebook game, CityVille, and dethroning a number of Zynga's other hits. Now, the game is working double time to maintain its number two spot with promotions like Fan Appreciation Month and changes such as these. Well, if that means more freebies and an easier time for us, the players, then bring it on.

Are you still kicking around in the The Sims Social? What do you think needs to be done in order for the game to continue its reign over FarmVille and Zynga Poker? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.