The Sims Social: Receive your free Bath Kit and Inspired Potion before its too late!


If anything, the Sims Social can easily be called one of the more generous of Facebook games. Sure, plenty of items cost premium currency within the game's store, but if you watch out for posts on the game's official Facebook fan page, you can walk away with free Siimoleons, Social Points or even items for your avatar or home. Such is the case with today's freebies, as one is a potion that will allow you to earn bonus Simoleons, while another is a decorative item in the new Japanese item theme.

First, the older of these two prizes is a free Inspired Potion. This prize was first made available yesterday, so we'd imagine the link to claim one won't survive the rest of the week. If you'd like to claim one (it's only one per person, sorry!), you'll need to simply click on this link. Once you do that, you'll need to refresh your game to find your free Inspired Potion waiting for you in your inventory.

As for the second prize, we see a free Bath Kit decorative item being offered via a link activated just this morning. You'll likely have a few days to claim this one (if history tells us anything), but why not click on this link to claim one right now? From there, just load your game and click on the Shop to enter your storage. If the Bath Kit doesn't show up as the first item there, you can find it by going into the Decorations section of your storage. The item is worth 500 Simoleons and adds $350 to the value of your home. Not bad for something that's free, right?

Again, these free prizes will only be available for a limited time, so claim yours now before it's too late!

Are you excited about receiving a free Inspired Potion and Bath Kit in Sims Social? Aside from Sim Cash, what other sorts of freebies would you like to see Playfish give away? Share your ideas with us in the comments!