Like the Risk: Factions Facebook fan page to unlock rewards

Hey, if it worked once, why can't it work again? Playfish is copying a page in its own playbook, offering fans of the upcoming Facebook game RISK: Factions a chance at some free goodies once the game finally launches (it's now in closed beta). This new "Operation Like" feature asks users to simply Like the game's fan page, and (just as it was in the Sims Social), the more fans that Like the page before the game's launch, the more prizes we'll unlock.

Of course, the game hasn't received much traction just yet, so we've only unlocked one of the six prizes currently listed. Here's a complete rundown of what we're eligible to receive, if you'd like to help out the cause:

5,000 Likes - Pig on a Spit
10,000 Likes - Guard Tower
25,000 Likes - Security Gate
50,000 Likes - Coins
100,000 Likes - Troops
200,000 Likes - Donkey Cannon

If you're keeping track, this top prize - the Donkey Cannon - is the same one seen in the trailer of the game from E3 of this year. Also, the Coins and Troops are basic prizes, but we're not sure exactly how many coins, or what types of troops we'll receive if the fan page eventually reaches that many Likes.

As of this writing, the fan page has almost 10,000 Likes, so we'll definitely unlock the Guard Tower. It's whether or not we'll receive the infamous Donkey Cannon before the game launches that's the real question. Want to do your part? Head over to the game's Facebook fan page and click on the "Like" button as soon as you can! Your fellow Facebook gamers will thank you!

What do you think of the Operation Like feature in RISK: Factions? Are you looking forward to this game's launch on Facebook? Sound off in the comments.

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