Lunchtime Poll: Should the 2012 presidential race come to FarmVille?

FarmVille PoliticsIt sounds like a silly question, as if the scenario would ever actually happen. But according to Bloomberg Business Week and the San Francisco Chronicle, it could very well be a reality in FarmVille.

If the feature should go through, it would allow FarmVille players to place presidential campaign signs on their digital farms and even campaign for their candidates of choice by visiting friends' farms and leaving messages.

Ohio-based news network WKYC took to Zynga's own fans to get an idea of what reception might be like to such a feature. The responses were begrudging if lukewarm. That's surprising, considering the divisive nature of politics and the topic's inherent tendency to create heated debates across Facebook pages and comments.

So, we'd like to bring that heated debate right here to this lovely blog. We want to know what you, our loyal readers, think:

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