FarmVille fans speak up on campaign signs on their digital farms [Video]

Campaign signs
Campaign signs

It's been over a month since it was first reported by Bloomberg Business Week and the San Francisco Chronicle that 2012 presidential candidates might plant their own virtual campaign signs into FarmVille. Now, Ohio-based news network WKYC-3 (an NBC affiliate) has talked with two fans of Zynga's iconic Facebook game to get their thoughts on the matter.

Of course, there are mixed feelings, but neither mother seems particularly thrilled about the possibility. They sound almost begrudged about the ability to endorse and campaign for a presidential candidate within FarmVille. "I don't want them telling us what to do," Jen Haney, a married mother from Barberton, Ohio, told WKYC. "If I could choose which candidate, then [placing virtual yard signs] might be a possibility."

The other mother interviewed appeared to be on board with the idea, but not terribly thrilled about the ordeal. "Some people might not like it, but I'll do it," Akron, Ohio-based married mother Sandy Dullen said. "A lot of people do things just because it's on Farmville."

Players of Zynga's games have endorsed many a brand, but bringing politics into the mix is another monster entirely. Should this plan go through, who knows what effect it might have on the community. But for an idea of how virtual farmers might feel about it, check out the video below.

Would you endorse or campaign for a presidential candidate through FarmVille, if given the chance? How do you think Zynga should handle this feature should it become a reality? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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