FarmVille Pic of the Day: Farmer Ga teases us with sandy beaches and green fields

farmville farmer ga featured farm
farmville farmer ga featured farm

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Today's FarmVille featured design is giving us one final glimpse of warm weather before the upcoming winter months. Terrible cold, heavy snowfall, and big puffy jackets lie only a few weeks away for many of us northerners. So seeing a farm like Farmer Ga's, is a fond reminder of what lies on the other side. Soon enough we'll be back to sailing the oceans and sunbathing under the azure skies of deepest summer.

Farmer Ga's farm is another example of a design that aims for realism rather than abstract patterns. I quite enjoy when farm artists aim to create a beautiful landscape instead of just colorful shapes, and this farm does an excellent job. Remember that there is no easy way to create sand or water in FarmVille. Farm designers either have to use hay bales or items to give their farm those effects. Farmer Ga does it expertly. Even upon close inspection, the beach on this farm is seamless. The nicely arranged buildings, items, and spacious green fields add to the feeling. I think you folks might agree with me in saying that this is one FarmVille resort I would not mind paying a visit to.

What do you folks think of Farmer Ga's lush summer getaway?

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