Best Buy returns to CityVille with more techie (and branded) treats

Best Buy CityVille
Best Buy CityVille

No, you'll never escape the branding, so you may as well have fun with it. Best Buy is going for another round in CityVille, providing players with even more decorations and in-game bonuses for exposing themselves to the Best Buy brand. We're just going to imagine you've already placed the Best Buy Business from when it first hit the game, and move on to the new stuff.

Sound good? A new collection has been added to the Best Buy business that, when completed through collecting from the business, will reward players with a new Best Buy Sign decoration. Each time you collect from the Best Buy, a collection item should randomly drop from the business. Collect the Smartphone, Coffee Maker, Free Shipping, Beats, and TV by Nov. 14, and the Best Buy Sign is all yours.

While you work on the new Collection, you can head on over to the Best Buy fan page and "Like" it to receive a Best Buy Holiday Surprises Sled decoration for your city. Once this promotion ends, the Best Buy Business will morph in a non-branded business that provides the same healthy bonuses. And considering we're this close to the holiday shopping season, expect more Best Buy branding where this came from (whether you like it or not).

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