Adventure World Sneak Peek: Base Camp energy boosts coming soon

With Adventure World, we have a Facebook game that relies on energy more than perhaps any other game in Zynga's catalog. With Expeditions become longer, enemies becoming stronger and there simply being more to do around your Base Camp and during quests, it's come to a point where you're lucky if you can play for more than 5-10 minutes without running out of energy and being required to simply wait for it to recharge.

Of course, you can help yourself out by visiting neighbors, to receive one energy per friend you visit, but this is a one-time-per-day deal. Plus, the amount of help you'll receive is dependent on the amount of neighbors you have; if you play the game in a mostly solo setting, one or two free energy everyday isn't going to really help you do much. It seems like the team behind the game has finally realized this, as Adventure Scooch, an Administrator over on the official Adventure World forums has told us that a new item will launch on Base Camps shortly, offering us with energy boosts. Here's the exact quote:

"Over the next couple of weeks, we hope to improve the game based on your feedback. For example, very soon we plan to launch an item for your Base Camp that provides a boost of energy!"

Unfortunately, the exact item in question is still shrouded in mystery, but I can only expect it to be some sort of building project that we'll first need to work on and only after that will we actually be able to use it to claim energy. It's unlike Zynga to give us something for free, with no work required from us, after all (unless we run into enough problems that we deserve an apology, but that's another can of worms altogether). Either way, we'll make sure to keep and eye on our Base Camps and will let you know when this energy-boosting feature makes its way into the game.

Will you be excited to earn "boosts of energy" via your Base Camp in Adventure World, or do you just resort to spending Adventure Cash to keep yourself in a full supply? Sound off in the comments!