Murdocc85's Galactic Stallion hits Pioneer Trail for crazy 99 Horseshoes

Galactic HorseSeriously, that steed better be fitted for intergalactic travel at that price. The winner of the Design Your Horse Contest in Zynga's Pioneer Trail has been chosen: Murdocc85's Galactic Stallion. With that, the horse has finally been recreated in the game and is now available on the Market for 99 Horseshoes. Granted, the sparkly equine wonder is on sale for 80 Horseshoes right now, but only for another two hours as of this writing.

That price amounts to somewhere around $11, in case you were already reaching for your credit card. Now, that's the standard price--all Horseshoes are 50 percent off until 3 p.m. PST. Regardless, entire games are sold on the App Store for a tenth of that. The Galactic Stallion is one beautifully designed creature, with its body consisting of stars and surrounded in sparkles. (It's quite reminiscent of the Celestial Steed offered in World of Warcraft.) But it doesn't appear that the animal does anything special to warrant such a steep fee.

Not to mention that this impressive creature was designed by a Pioneer Trail community member. You would think that the winner would be interested in having his creation enjoyed by everyone--not only for those willing to pony up more than 10 bucks. Despite that, congratulations, Murdocc85. You've created one purrty in-game item.

Did you enter the Design Your Horse Contest? What do you think of the Galactic Stallion that won, and what of its price tag? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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