There are 14 Pokémon movies, so maybe Monster Galaxy could work

Monster Galaxy
Monster Galaxy

Oh, and put that "maybe" in all caps, italics and bold ... with neon lights strapped on it. Radar Pictures and Gaia Interactive announced that an animated film based on the Facebook game Monster Galaxy is set for the big screen. The movie will, of course, be based around Moga, the cutesy monster-like characters in the Facebook and iPhone game.

"Gaia has always been focused on offering our highly-creative user base a fun, social environment to share their interests," Gaia Interactive CEO Mike Sego said in a release. "When Radar Pictures approached us about turning Monster Galaxy into a film, it seemed like a perfect fit for our goal of entertaining a broader audience. From Gaia Online, to Facebook, to mobile–and now into a movie–we're thrilled to be expanding the Monster Galaxy experience to a wider audience."

Our guess is that Radar Pictures approached Gaia Interactive based on Monster Galaxy's similarities to Pokémon, which has done exceptionally well in Japanese theaters across a whopping 14 movies. (A few of which released in U.S. theaters to some success.) And we make that guess based on the fact that Monster Galaxy has lost nearly 90 percent of its peak monthly player base since its release, according to Inside Social Games.

More details will be released regarding the film in 2012, and if this goes through, Monster Galaxy could be the first Facebook game to receive a major film adaptation. FarmVille is said to have a similar deal in the works, but has only reached talks over a script--a ways away from approaching a production company. Hey, at least Monster Galaxy is guaranteed to have more action than a farming flick, right? Yeah, we got nothin'.

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