Jennifer Aniston May Be Buying Gramercy Park Apartment

Celebrity real estate writers are playing the Internet version of "Telephone" with Jennifer Aniston. The story, if true, is that she just spent almost $9 million on a three-bedroom Gramercy Park home that she'll share with her beau Justin Theroux (pictured with her below) as they prepare to start a family.

We hate to burst any bubbles here, but Aniston hasn't bought anything. She may have made an offer and had it accepted -- which is why the the listing is now marked "contract signed," (and thank you Trulia for posting that!). But having an accepted offer just puts the property in escrow and escrow is not the same as being sold. There are inspections, approvals and sometimes loans that must be worked out before that "sold" sign goes up -- and about a third of all escrows today never conclude in a sale. And, we we won't even go into the fickleness of celebrity buyers who open escrows all the time and then weasel out of them when they see something they like better.

But back to our little exercise of playing "Telephone." As best we can determine, the first online report of the purchase came from on Nov. 3, attributing the source of the information to Life & Style magazine. The next day, Curbed carried the story, linking back to AMNY. A couple of days after the original report,Forbes ran the story, attributing it to Us magazine, which credited The Hollywood Reporter. Still with me? Then along came the Real Estalker, dishing it up and crediting AMNY too. The Daily Mail and more than 20 other news sources and websites ran some version of the story, some with attribution, others without.

We are happy to report the details of what the unit Aniston supposedly "bought," but with the caveat that she hasn't actually bought it. And at the same time, we wonder what her plans are for the two smaller units in the Village that she bought just a nanosecond ago (yes, she actually bought those) with the speculation of making them into one larger unit.

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Jennifer Aniston May Be Buying Gramercy Park Apartment

So for the record, the Gramercy Park unit has 2,863 square feet and views from the master suite. The larger size fueled speculation that Aniston is ready to start a family. The unit has 11.8-foot ceilings and lots of windows. The listing notes hardwood floors, a wood-burning fireplace, and spa-like bathrooms.

The building, designed by John Pawson, has amenities of a five-star hotel including housekeeping, valet, butler service, car wash service and membership in the David Barton Gym and spa at the Gramercy Hotel.

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