FarmVille Winter Holiday Items: Ornament Reindeer and Santa Gnome

Just a few days ago, we saw a brief glimpse of the Winter Holiday theme in FarmVille, by way of the two Ornament Trees and a Candy Cane Pony being re-released in the store. Proving that that was in fact intentional, the FarmVille team has now released two more Winter Holiday items for those users who either want to stock up for the eventual holiday season, or go ahead and start decorating early.

The first item is an animal in the form of the Ornament Reindeer. While this one looks like the Clumsy Reindeer, which many of you probably have more than enough of from past free releases keep in mind that this animal is different, with ornaments hanging on its antlers, rather than lights. It costs 16 Farm Cash to purchase.

The other item is a decoration: the Santa Gnome. This too is a re-released item, first being available in 2009's Winter Holiday event (and again last year). The price has stayed the same from previous releases, at 18 Farm Cash, but make sure to check your storage for one of them (or even the Ornament Reindeer above) to make sure you're not spending Farm Cash on duplicates (I'm sure there will eventually be enough original items to spend it on as it is).

Both of these re-released Winter Holiday items will only be around in the game for 13 days. Of course, that gets us nowhere near the actual Winter Holidays themselves, and there's no telling if these items will come back around as the days draw closer. That being the case, your best bet is to purchase them now, if you're at all interested, just to be safe.

Will you purchase either the Santa Gnome or the Ornament Reindeer for your farms, or do you already have them from previous releases? Sound off in the comments.