FarmVille Pic of the Day: Watch the setting sun on Brayzdin's farm

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After taking us to his castle in the sky, Brayzdin's latest FarmVille farm brings us down to the watery horizon of the setting sun. I'm considering a goal of mine to document every one of Brazydin's incredible farms. Several things make Brayzdin's farms easy to spot. The first is his signature style of building three-dimensional hillsides using the rounded tops of trees. His famous farm-eating dragon uses trees exclusively to form a body. Smoke trails and clouds are always made with white and pastel trees. He completely rejects hay bales to make anything that isn't water, despite the fact that hay bale art still remains very popular. Finally, you start to see the same premium items pop up in his designs with each iteration of his farm.

For example, a majority of the items you can see in his sunset farm also featured prominently on his Neverland farm-- Duke's Airship from the English Countryside event, last summer's Swiss Alps (which cost 42 Farm Cash each), Limited Edition Mayflower ships (from the 2010 Thanksgiving Basket), a Green Lighthouse (the ultimate redeemable reward from this year's St. Patrick's Day event), and the Leprechaun's Cottage, which looks really expensive, but is actually one of those buildings that can be obtained with the help of neighbors.

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