Disney drops hints about its first big Facebook game

disney mickey mouse game
disney mickey mouse game

Ever since the Mouse House bought social game maker Playdom, we've been placing bets on which Disney branded game would emerge first. A swashbucking adventure game based on Pirates of the Caribbean? Some kind of Disney theme-park simulation?

Whatever it is, its arrival is imminent. Playdom game maker Kenny Dinkin tells Inside Social Games that it's staffing up to create a game that's based on a known Disney brand, and that the game will -- sorry Scrooge McDuck fans -- not be based on DuckTales. From the article:

"Virtual goods like limited edition items is a big component of the game we're building ... You can imagine buying different movies, rides... there's so many different things in the world of Disney IP that you can imagine collecting, buying, unlocking."

Virtual goods, movies, theme park rides and not DuckTales? Well, that doesn't give us much to go on, but we hope whatever it is, it's better than the mehMickey Mouse dress-up game that made an appearance on Facebook for Halloween.

>Disney Playdom Staffs Up at Dream Castle for Social Games Based On Disney IP [Inside Social Games]

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