EA Partners exec leaves to make a killing with Crime City maker Funzio

Jamil Moledina
Jamil Moledina

All aboard the gravy train. Yet another EA executive has left the company to join a competing social game maker, IndustryGamers reports. This time, it's former EA Partners Director of Business Developement Jamil Moledina (pictured), who just revealed that he had joined Crime City creator Funzio as its VP of Business Development.

Moledina will pretty much be doing the same thing, it seems: making sure Funzio stays in the black by working with partners new and old across platforms. The business development veteran has been with the games industry for some time, working as the executive director of the Game Developers Conference before his stint with EA. As for Funzio, Moledina appears psyched.

"From what I've seen, the future of games is about creating fun social action games for play on any device, any platform, anywhere," Moledina said to IndustryGamers. "Funzio is one of very few companies whose vision and execution are delivering on that goal, and I'm excited to join a team inventing that future."

Moledina follows a number of EA execs who jumped ship into more social waters, despite even the company's headway into social gaming with The Sims Social. Over just this summer, GM of EA-owned Easy Studios Ben Cousins left for ngmoco, NBA Jam creator Mark Turmell joined Zynga (since confirmed) and former executive VP of EA Play Jeff Karp ditched for Zynga, too. While these could all just be coincidental, EA could have a bigger problem on its hands than just Big Trouble in Little Haven.

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