CityVille PSA: Today's your last chance at all Halloween items!

For the past few days, you've been able to score a tons of Halloween content in CityVille on a heavy discount, with many items being available for 50% off. I hope you did a lot of shopping then, or at least have the time to do so now, as the game is in its final hours of the Halloween celebration.

At the end of the day (yes, today!), you'll lose all of your Halloween Monsters, as they'll turn into regular citizens, but you won't lose the themed content you've purchased from the store. With the exception of the Scream Acres Neighborhood, it looks like every single Halloween-themed home, business, decoration, community building and crop will disappear from the store, perhaps never to be seen or heard of again until next year (or ever). For the record, the Scream Acres Neighborhood stores your Halloween Monster homes and is available permanently in the store.

This also marks an end to the Halloween goals, which you'll likely already find have vanished from your game. They're not pulling a ghost act, and are invisible in the shadows - they're really gone (or, if you're lucky and still have them, are very quickly on their way out)!

Halloween only comes once a year, and while we've had a month to celebrate, remember to stock up on whatever items you can see yourself wanting next year just in case we don't see them again. Believe me, there's nothing worse than double-guessing yourself on limited edition item purchases, after it's too late to fix your mistake!

What sorts of Halloween items are you buying in this last minute dash to the finish? Were you able to finish all of the Halloween Monster goals? Sound off in the comments.