CityVille Coliseum Community Building: Everything you need to know


First there was the Eiffel Tower, and now, another worldly landmark has come to CityVille - the Roman Coliseum. If you remember, there was a survey about such "wonders" being released in the game over the summer. You'll need to be level 11 or higher to access this feature, but will then see an in-game pop-up prompting you to build one (don't worry, this one is far easier to finish than the Eiffel Tower itself). This building comes with a goal, called the "Good Old Days," which requires you to simply place the Coliseum into your town (watch out - it's a massive 8x8 square building) and then complete its construction.

The frame itself takes eight whacks, or eight energy to build. After that point, you'll need to collect a series of 45 building materials to finish its construction:

  • 9 Spartan Helmets

  • 9 Spartan Shields

  • 9 Gold Leaves

  • 9 Chariots

  • 9 Elevators

The Spartan Helmets and Chariots are earned through general news posts you'll place on your wall, while the other three items are earned through individual requests sent out to those CityVille neighbors that you think would be most likely to help you.

Once you've completed the Coliseum, you'll find that this is a new Community Building that allows a whopping 7,750 citizens to live in your town. That is, it raises your city's maximum population cap by 7,750 citizens, so you shouldn't have to place another Community Building for quite some time!

If, at some point in the future, the Coliseum's large size takes its toll on your city and you wish to remove it, it will go back into your inventory, but you'll need to gather every single part all over again if you choose to bring it back out again. As for the Good Old Days goal above? You'll receive 20,000 coins for completing it. I wouldn't blame you if you skipped it entirely though - that's one huge building!

What do you think of the Roman Coliseum in CityVille? Would you have preferred this building come with a complicated setup like the Eiffel Tower, or are you happy seeing it just as a standard Community Building? Sound off in the comments.