FarmVille Mystery Game (11/6/11): Winged animals take flight on the farm


If you've got 20 Farm Cash on hand in FarmVille, and also happen to like winged, limited edition animals, you'll be happy to know that this week's Mystery Game comes full of six such animals! Again, for this week's game, each individual dart will cost you 20 Farm Cash, which is up from the normal price of 16 Farm Cash (I suppose you're paying for the novelty that these animals could perhaps fly). If you're ready to throw some darts at the board, here's what you have a chance of winning:

Butterfly Cat
Butterfly Pony
Butterfly Unicorn
Dragonfly Dog
Dragonfly Pig
Dragonfly Unicorn

Here, the differences between the butterfly and dragonfly animals come in these animals' wings. The butterfly wings are more colorful and curved, while the dragonfly wings are more angled and rigid, all with the same color theme. If you're ready to spend enough Farm Cash to earn all six of these animals (keep in mind that you could receive duplicates along the way, increasing your final cost), you'll also receive the Dragonfly Pond as a free gift once you've earned the sixth individual animal (regardless of what that animal might be).

As usual, this week's items will only be available for exactly that: a week. If you're at all interested in adding these animals to your own farms, make sure to play fast and early to have your best chance of earning all six items before time runs out!

What do you think of this week's Mystery Game? Which of the six animals do you want to win the most? If you go for all seven items, how much Farm Cash did you end up spending on the entire set? Sound off in the comments.