FarmVille Fairy Hollow Items: Butterfly Tree, Pumpkin Bistro and more

Tonight's FarmVille update continues the Fairy Hollow item theme in the game's store, and comes with new trees, animals, buildings and even a crop for you to purchase (more on the crop in a bit). Right now, it looks like some of the items in this update are a bit glitched and may show you the wrong images when you look at them in the store, but this will likely only be temporary, unless Zynga simply decides it doesn't want you to purchase these items after all. Either way, here's a look at the items that are technically available in the store.


Fairy Flower - 10 Farm Cash

The Fairy Flower isn't a crop for charity, but the permit to plant one costs Farm Cash all the same. If you choose to purchase the permit, you'll be able to plant as many Fairy Flower seeds as you'd like for 14 days (normally, we only receive a week), and you have until December 5 to actually purchase the permit. The flowers themselves take eight hours to grow and give off 130 coins when harvested. You'll gain two experience points for each individual flower that you plant.


Butterfly Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Giant Butterfly Tree - 14 Farm Cash
Sweet Birch Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Dahurian Birch Tree - 14 Farm Cash

Even though the Birch Trees don't come in a normal and giant size, you can still easily tell which is level one or two (that is, which one you can earn for free) by either looking at the in-game level marker, or just paying attention to the price. The Sweet Birch Tree is the only one you'll actually "need" to purchase, as the Dahurian can be earned through Mystery Seedlings.


Cattle Egret - 1 million coins
Dragonfly Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Dragonfly Cow - 20 Farm Cash
Dragonfly Pony - 22 Farm Cash
Irish Moiled Bull - 18 Farm Cash
Dragonfly Ram - 16 Farm Cash

Here, the Dragonfly Ram isn't an animal that has sprouted wings; instead, it's a new dragonfly pattern that has been added to the game. Meanwhile, the Irish Moiled Bull and Cattle Egret don't really have a place in this theme, at least visually, so don't expect them to have the outlandish accessories either.


Pumpkin Bistro - 12 Farm Cash


Firefly Lamp - 100,000 coins
Magic Fairy Cave - 300,000 coins
Leaf Fairy Gnome - 15 Farm Cash

While there aren't very many decorations in tonight's release, at least two out of the three are available for coins. I definitely can't argue with that.

Avatar Costumes

Dragonfly - 8 Farm Cash

With this release having not only a new crop and another avatar outfit, there are plenty of items here for you to splurge either your coins or your Farm Cash on. Just remember - the Winter Wonderland theme is slowly making its way out in the game as well, and you'll want to save some valuable currency for those items too!

What do you think of tonight's release of Fairy Hollow items? Have you dressed your avatar up as a butterfly / dragonfly yet? Share your thoughts on these items with us in the comments!