CityVille Survey asks for your suggestions on branded businesses

If you're a CityVille player, you'll likely receive a new survey from Zynga in your email in the near future. This survey has no real introduction, and jumps straight into the heart of the matter: just how much do you like cross-promotional (branded) activities, and what would you do to earn rewards based off of them? Note: If you didn't receive an invite to this survey, you can find it by clicking right here.

You'll be asked how much you like the branded businesses we've been able to add in the game recently (McDonald's, Best Buy and the like) and how willing you would be to watch videos or see static ads on your gameplay screen, if they gave you in-game rewards. If you agreed to watch said videos, or look at such ads, you're then asked to rate various rewards based on how likely you would be to complete the activity to earn that specific item. This is your chance to tell Zynga just how far you'll go for free content, by saying (as an example), that you'll only complete activities when being given City Cash, but won't if it only offers you a sweepstakes entry to a real-world prize.

The real kicker in this survey however, is the ability to suggest new branded businesses to the CityVille team for consideration in adding them to your town. Have you always wanted a Burger King restaurant, Old Navy clothing store or 7-Eleven Gas Station in your town? Of course, you can always suggest your favorite businesses, regardless of type, and while there's no guarantee that the two companies will be able to strike a deal, with enough positive feedback from users, it's likely that we'll see many more of these branded businesses released in the future - perhaps even the ones you suggested. Personally? I'm holding out for a Cracker Barrel!

Did you receive this CityVille survey to complete? What sorts of branded businesses do you suggest to Zynga to add to CityVille? Sound off in the comments.