CityVille Community Post contest offers 1,000 City Cash

If you're a member of CityVille's official forums, or just like hanging out on the game's official Facebook fan page, you're likely familiar with the posts from Community Managers and mods that advertize new features or announce new activities. Well, Zynga wants to see just what sorts of posts you would come up with, if you were in charge of the page, via a new contest. The "Write a CityVille Post" contest asks you to write a very short post - under 140 characters, like a Twitter post - telling other players why they should come join the CityVille forums, head to the game's Youtube page and follow the game on Twitter.

That may sound like a big challenge (with so few words available), but there's a great incentive to doing so: the winning entry will not only be used by the devs on the game's Facebook page, but you'll also win 1,000 City Cash and 300,000 coins! With the game's current exchange rate, that's a prize of $106 US! The top ten answers will be placed in a survey, allowing players to vote for their favorites based on originality, theme and creativity. In addition to the grand prize, second and third prize winners will walk away with 500 City Cash / 150,000 coins and 250 City Cash / 75,000 coins each, respectively.

You have until November 17 to come up with something creative, but you can only enter the contest once (and can't edit your posts after), so make it count the first time! Good luck!

Will you enter the CityVille Community Post contest? What would you do with 1,000 City Cash? Share your shopping spree dreams with us in the comments!