Mafia Wars 2 introduces Dead End zone and 5v5 Fighting

While having an Armory is all well and good in Mafia Wars 2, did you know this new building (that can be built on your own turf) was actually released as an accompaniment to 5v5 Fighting in the game? This five versus five fighting feature is now available; that is, once you've reached a certain level. You'll unlock the new 5v5 Fighting arena, Dead End, once you reach Level 10, and can then access this arena from the game's map.

Dead End is a haunted carnival full of zombies, killer clowns, werewolves, cultists and more. Dom (an in-game NPC) is back from the dead as one such zombie, and wants you to help him get revenge on an evil witch that brought him back to life. However, Dom shouldn't be allowed to roam the streets at a zombie, so you'll need to put him back underground where he belongs!

When you build your Armory on your home turf, you'll need to collect items to complete its construction:

  • 3 Wires

  • 3 Steel Bars

  • 3 Black Powders

These are all three earned through general news items posted on your wall, or you can purchase each individual ingredient for 6 Gold. Completing this base Armory expands your inventory to 17 slots, and allows you to outfit five friends with armor, weapons and even vehicles. The stats of each of these items is combined for all of your friends, and then combined with the stats of your own personal equipment, making you even stronger once you head into the Dead End zone proper.

Dead Zone has its own themed store, complete with scythes and other evil items, and if you happen to earn any Victory Tokens while in this arena, they'll be added to your score on the Leaderboard as you'd expect. We'll make sure to bring you coverage on future Mafia Wars 2 features they're added, but for now, why not head into your own game and build an Armory of your own?

[Via and Image Credit: Zynga]

Do you like the idea of 5v5 Fighting in Mafia Wars 2, or this Dead End arena? Sound off in the comments.

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