CityVille Run for Governor Act 3 Bella B Goals: Everything you need to know

At the end of October, we saw the initial portion of Act 3 launch in CityVille's Governor's Run event. That particular act dealt with earning the support of Big Business, but now we can move onto something a bit more glamorous: Hollywood. Via a four-part goal series, we'll be helping Bella, the movie star, start her own "lifestyle brand." Here's a complete guide to finishing these four goals, and getting one step closer to the position of Governor!

Reach for the Stars!

  • Collect from Beachfront Condo 10 Times

  • Collect from Sprawling Mansion 10 Times

  • Ask for 10 Real Estate Listings

The Real Estate Listings are earned through a general news post you'll place on your wall. As for the homes, the Beachfront Condos can be collected from every 18 hours, while the Sprawling Mansions also require 18 hours between collections. The reward for this first goal is the "Bella's Penthouse" item, a home that offers 3,500 population (up to 6,500 with boosts) and gives off 400 coins in rent every eight hours.

Face the Music

  • Collect from Sushi Bar 15 Times

  • Collect from Bella's Penthouse 9 Times

  • Ask for 10 Song Lyrics

Just as with the Real Estate Listings above, the Song Lyrics here are earned through a general wall post on your feed. Also, if you plan on selling Bella's Penthouse (it's worth a pretty penny in coins), you'll want to at least finish these goals first, as you'll need to collect from the Penthouse nine times to finish this goal. Speaking of, once you finish this goal you'll receive the Recording Studio, a Community Building that allows for 10,750 citizens to live in your town.

Star Power

  • Collect from Music Store 6 Times

  • Collect from Recording Studio 3 Times

  • Ask for 5 Autographs

The Autographs are earned through a general news item on your wall. Again, if you want to sell the Recording Studio you earned before (it's worth a lot, although not quite as much as Bella's Penthouse), wait until you've finished this goal to do so. Finishing this goal gives you the "Bella with Fan" decoration, which has a 6% payout bonus when placed next to houses, businesses or neighborhoods.

Life Coach

  • Unload 12 Paris Parcels

  • Collect from Salvador's 9 Times

  • Ask for 10 Bottles of Bella B Perfume

Salvador's is the business you'll receive for completing the Big Business goals in the first part of Act 3, so you'll need to complete those goals before being technically allowed to do this (of course, you could always skip it with City Cash, but that's more than a bit wasteful). As for the Paris Parcels, these take one day to return. While you're waiting to complete both of these tasks, you can also ask your friends to send you the Perfume bottles, via yet another wall post. For finishing this final goal in Bella's series, you'll receive the Bella B Store, a business that requires 480 Goods to operate and gives off 3,382 coins when all of those Goods have been used.

There's only one more set of goals in this Run for Governor event, and we can only expect it to be just as time consuming as the ones before, if not more so. Either way, we'll make sure to let you know how everything in this storyline wraps up, so keep checking back with us!

[Via: CityVille Wiki]

What do you think of these "Bella B" goals in CityVille? How close are you to completing all of the Run for Governor goals released so far? Let us know in the comments.